11 best coffeeshops in Rotterdam: Where to smoke in 2024

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Finding the best coffeeshops in Rotterdam is not an easy feat — after all, the city has over 40 different coffeeshops to choose from!

If you’re dedicated to becoming a regular at one of Rotterdam’s finest weed shops, look no further: these 11 places serve some of the finest herbs the Dutch port city has to offer.

1. Coffeeshop The Reef: Dive in and get high

This underwater-themed coffeeshop in Rotterdam is the perfect place to ride the wave of a good high. The Reef sells a great variety of indica, sativa, and hybrids and offers its visitors a cosy smoking lounge with soft drinks and teas. 🫧

What we love about The Reef is its attention to the finer details. From the funky interior to the chillest beats playing over the stereo down to the friendly bouncers at the door, it’s an undeniably great place to go.

📍 Location: Oppert 1, 3011 HS Rotterdam
⏰ Opening times: Daily from 10 AM until midnight
💸 Payment options: Cash or card

2. Coffeeshop ‘t Trefpunt: Central Rotterdam’s finest

Trefpunt is Dutch for “meeting place” — and that’s exactly what this Rotterdam coffeeshop is: a gezellig place to enjoy a joint (and maybe a board game?) with your buddies. 

Up for a game of chess? Head to Trefpunt! Image: Depositphotos

With its central location, great variety of products, and a weekly-changing menu, Coffeeshop ‘t Trefpunt is a cosy go-to for many Rotterdam locals. 

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The only downside? Due to the popularity of this coffeeshop, there can sometimes be a line to get in.

📍Location: Botersloot 7, 3011 HE, Rotterdam
⏰ Opening times: Daily from 10 AM until midnight
💸 Payment options: Cash only

3. Coffeeshop De Stichting: For organic cannabis 

If you’re looking for an all-biological coffeeshop in Rotterdam, then De Stichting is your place to be. The knowledgeable staff will gladly show you around their products and explain what each of them will do for you.

Organic weed usually has a richer flavour. Image: Depositphotos

And no, just because their cannabis is organic, it doesn’t mean there’s any less of a selection. Hoera! 

However, one thing this place does lack is a smoking room, so keep in mind that you’ll need to smoke up elsewhere.

📍Location: Stadhoudersweg 85A, 3039 EB Rotterdam
⏰ Opening times: Monday-Friday from 11 AM until 8 PM, Saturdays from 12 PM until 8 PM 
💸 Payment options: Cash or card

4. Coffeeshop The 4 Floors: Top-notch hash and truffles

Contrary to what the name suggests, this place has two floors, not four: one to buy weed and one to smoke weed. The interior of The 4 Floors is bright and open — perfect for first-timers or those who dislike dimly-lit cannabis stores.

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The menu contains everything from weed to hash, edibles, and truffles — and all great quality. 🤌 

Due to its central location close to the Eendrachtsplein metro station, prices are slightly higher at The 4 Floors than at some other coffeeshops in Rotterdam.

📍Location: Eendrachtsweg 29a, 3012 LB Rotterdam
⏰ Opening times: Daily from 10 AM until midnight
💸 Payment options: Cash or card

5. Coffeeshop ‘t Geeltje: Be served by true professionals

This old school coffeeshop in Rotterdam keeps things simple: great prices, great weed, great service. 

People say ‘t Geeltje is one of the best-priced coffeeshops in Rotterdam — and that sure is worth something (especially to the Dutch 😉)! 

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There’s no smoking area in this coffeeshop, meaning it also doesn’t serve food or drinks. That being said, there is a vending machine next to the door — perfect for grabbing a snack before you head out (your high self will thank you for it).

📍Location: Claes de Vrieselaan 92A, 3021 JT Rotterdam
⏰ Opening times: Daily from 10 AM until 10 PM
💸 Payment options: Cash or card

6. Coffeeshop Amigo: The cosiest coffeeshop

Coffeeshop Amigo is very close to Rotterdam’s famous Euromast. Image: Depositphotos

With a décor that is reminiscent of a typical Dutch bruin café, Coffeeshop Amigo is one of those coffeeshops that makes you feel right at home. Feeling competitive? Try beating your friends in a game of pool! 

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Especially great here are the Strawberry Haze and Bubblegum strains. We recommend getting high and then heading up to the nearby Euromast — you’ll be double high and get the best views of the city. Enjoy!

📍Location: ‘s-Gravendijkwal 138D, 3015 CC Rotterdam
⏰ Opening times: Daily 10 AM until 10 PM
💸 Payment options: Cash or card

7. Coffeeshop Mon Camarade: A Rotterdam OG 

Mon Camarade has been a Rotterdam staple for more than 20 years. Nestled right in Rotterdam’s centre, this coffeeshop is just a 15-minute walk away from the Stadhuis (city hall). 

If you’re looking for a place to get American cannabis strains in Rotterdam, then Mon Camarade is your best bet. You can’t smoke inside the shop, but the weed is strong, tastes good, and is reasonably priced. What more could you want?

📍Location: 1e Middellandstraat 10-A, 3014 BD Rotterdam
⏰ Opening times: Daily from 10 AM until 10 PM
💸 Payment options: Cash or card

8. Coffeeshop New York: The best-rated coffeeshop in town

Want to get higher than the Empire State? There’s no better place than Rotterdam’s Coffeeshop New York! 🗽

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Shining with a 4.7-star rating on Google, Coffeeshop New York is loved by locals for its low prices and wide variety of products. 

Plus, if you tend to get the munchies when you smoke, you’ll be happy to hear that Coffeeshop New York also sells candy. 😉🍫

📍Location: 1e Middellandstraat 62, 3014 BG Rotterdam
⏰ Opening times: Daily from 10 AM until 10 PM
💸 Payment options: Cash only (ATM available inside)

9. Coffeeshop London: Great quality and fair prices 

From New York, we’re now moving on to the UK, with Coffeeshop London (they weren’t kidding when they said Rotterdam was an international city, huh?). 

Are you a social smoker, or do you prefer being alone? Image: Depositphotos

This place has more than just some high-quality weed; they also shine with their excellent staff and fantastic prices.

Oh, and don’t forget about the hash — we hear it’s some of the best Rotterdam has to offer! 

📍Location: Schietbaanlaan 62, 3021 LL Rotterdam
⏰ Opening times: Daily from 10 AM until 10 PM
💸 Payment options: Cash or card

10. Coffeeshop Bellamy: The classiest interior

Coffeeshop Bellamy recently ditched the dingy neon look and replaced it with a clean and classy interior — perfect if your mum wants to tag along for some ganja!

We know, we know: the interior isn’t all that counts when it comes to coffeeshops — especially because this one doesn’t let you stick around to smoke.

But worry not, because Bellamy also boasts great weed, hash, and spacecakes (otherwise, it wouldn’t be on our list of “best coffeeshops in Rotterdam” 😉).

📍Location: 1e Middellandstraat 62, 3014 BG Rotterdam
⏰ Opening times: Daily from 10 AM until 10 PM
💸 Payment options: Cash only

11. Coffeeshop Inpetto: Good stuff and great staff 

If you ever find yourself in the south of Rotterdam (maybe for a football game?⚽️), make sure to check out Coffeeshop Inpetto. 

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This Rotterdam coffeeshop is known for its friendly and humourous staff, while their weed and hash are top-notch and fairly priced.

The only downside is the fact that you can’t smoke inside the shop, but hey, there’s a great park just five minutes away!

📍Location: Strevelsweg 37, 3073 DS Rotterdam
⏰ Opening times: Daily from 10 AM until 10 PM
💸 Payment options: Cash or card

Whether you’re a Rotterdam local or visiting the city for the first time, knowing all the best coffeeshops in Rotterdam will certainly come in handy. Which one will you visit?

Do you know any more great coffeeshops in Rotterdam? Share them in the comments!

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