Dating a Dutchman! 13 Reasons why it’s a good choice

Dating a Dutchman, watch out, they’ll get you! 

Are you single, lonely and wondering where Mr. Right is? Are you continually swiping through Tinder and gasping, thinking, where is he? Then look no further because dating a Dutchman could be just the thing you are looking for!

I am no stranger of the Dutchman, he found me in Australia during his world travel and swept me off my feet. Before I knew it, I was booking flights to The Netherlands, never to return to my home country. I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew I was completely in love with a Dutchman.

I am not the only one, there are many others out there (foreigners) who have had their hearts stolen by the Dutchman. They have also found themselves living in this country of clogs and cheese, suddenly receiving 3 kisses left, right and left (or is it right, left and right?!). The Dutchman is traveling the world and stealing hearts, drawing us in with their charm. If you run into a Dutchman, watch out, you too could be living in The Netherlands soon!

Being with a Dutchman is wonderful for so many reasons, but here are some that I think are worth mentioning. So here are 13 reasons why I think dating a Dutchman is a good choice.

Oh, and if you’re interested in learning some Dutch pick-up lines, then watch our video!


#1 The perks of dating a Dutchman: They are tall

Dutchmen are considered some of the tallest men in the world, great! This brings all sorts of advantages, like when you need something up high, a Dutchman will be able to get it for you, no worries! Think about the gene pool, it means you could have tall children, tall children could mean children that become models, worth some consideration!

#2 Dutchmen are good looking (yes I’m saying it!)

Maybe it is not important to you, but I do prefer a man who looks good and takes good care of himself and Dutchmen certainly do! Dutchmen could be referred to as a bit ‘metro’ as they take pride in their appearance. They are groomed and keep up with fashion trends, looking classy with crisp fresh clothing. Don’t be surprised if you find your Dutchman with a hairdryer in his bathroom. The Dutchman does what he needs to keep himself looking tip top.


#3 Deep Fry is a Dutchman’s specialty: Therefore, he won’t judge you for indulging in this guilty pleasure

Oh yes, you are reading correctly! This is amazing right?! Deep fry food is a big part of the Dutch culture so with all the bike riding, the Dutchman will introduce deep fry like it is a normal part of life, no worries, eat away! Deep fry Sunday is a thing in my house and yes, please coat those fries in as much sauce as possible, that is no problem with no judgment from your Dutchman!

#4 Dutchmen are built tough: They have strong bones and teeth

Dutchmen are raised eating a ton of dairy which means they must have strong bones and teeth, right?! I am talking cheese, cheese and more cheese. Milk and more milk, milk for breakfast, lunch and maybe dinner? Yogurt is a big hit too and also a substance the Dutch called ‘vla’ which is just custard right? This is all important because it means your future children together will also have strong bones and teeth!

#5 Dating a Dutchman means you will never have to worry about finances

It is true, a Dutchman is always aware of his finances and he will keep you updated always about where you stand financially. So, you will have one less thing to worry about!

#6 Date a Dutchman for the ultimate outcome: Marry him and you could take on his (cool) last name

Dutchmen have all sorts of last names, but if you are lucky like me, I have adopted a two-name surname- van Engelen. Which when translated into English means ‘From Angels’. Am I lucky or what? There are many others, so keep your eyes peeled and ask for the English translation of their name. For example; Mevrouw van Leeuwen (Mrs, From Lions) or Mevrouw van Boven (Mrs, From Above)!

#7 Dutchmen are PROUD!

Yes, Dutchmen are super proud of their country and so they should be. When you are with a Dutchman, he will ensure he tells you everything the Dutch do, have done or are doing. Such as the Dutch waterways, countries the Dutch have discovered, manmade land and the list goes on. Basically, you learn a lot about Dutch history (Dutch everything) from being with a Dutchman, good for those pub quizzes you may attend in the future!

#8 Dutchmen are romantic and will (probably) take you on picnics

Yes, it is true! Dutchmen do picnics. My Dutchman had me at ‘I’m taking you on a picnic’ When he opened that cold bottle of light pink wine and told me that it was from Provence in Southern France, I was his (forever). Imagine this while being surrounded by tulips somewhere in the Dutch meadows- the best!

#9 Dutchmen will never forget your date

Dutchmen are sensational with their agenda’s, so you don’t have to worry that he will ever miss your date together, but you may need to plan it well in advance. Dutchmen could be booked up to at least six weeks in advance, so get in early and make sure you’re the one filling up his agenda!

#10 Dating a Dutchman in the 21st century: You will feel equal

Dutchmen are modern, taking a modern approach to relationships. This means he won’t have a problem letting you pay the bill. If you want to concentrate on building your career, no worries. Or if you want to have a fabulous night out without him, that is also no problem. A Dutchman will make you will feel equal in your relationship in every way!

#11 Dutchmen wear clogs, that’s sexy!

It is true, and I am not talking traditional wooden clogs, but a modern version of the clog. He might wear them while taking out the trash or perhaps while he is doing a bit of gardening. It doesn’t matter, a Dutchman in clogs, now that’s sexy!

#12 Dutchmen will make you pancakes – with CHEESE!

Think about how good pancakes are already, but what about with cheese as well? That is how the Dutch eat their pancakes and if you are lucky your Dutchman may make you this Dutch delight. If he isn’t a cook, he is sure to take you to a pancake restaurant, usually found deep in the depths of the Dutch forests, how romantic!

#13 Dutchmen say what is on their minds: You will always know where you stand with him

Here is that Dutch directness again! Dutchmen will tell you like it is which means no second guessing. This is so refreshing when you are in a relationship as you always know where you stand. For example, if your hair looks bad, he will tell you or if he doesn’t like that dress you are wearing, he will let you know. If you look stunning, he will be sure to let you know too!

There they are, 13 reasons why a Dutchman is a good choice. I can highly recommend a Dutchman as I am living my happy ever after in The Netherlands. Good luck on finding a Dutchman, they really are charming, fine men! Or are you one of the lucky ones who has already snatched up a Dutchman?! Let us know what is your dating experience with Dutchmen!

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Vanessa Hope van Engelen
Vanessa Hope van Engelen
Vanessa is a quirky, 30 something year old from sunny Queensland, Australia. She recently completed a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Public Relations. She has an infectious laugh that can travel through walls, a huge passion for traveling and cooking vegetarian food.


    • Hello Karen, well I had the choice to take on his name or not and I decided to add it on to my maiden name because I liked it!

      • #10 Dating a Dutchman in the 21st century: You will feel equal

        Ah, so you took his name and he took yours. I get it.

        • Choosing to take ones name ís choosing to be equal to him/her. So I don’t understand why this strokes with being equal.

          When wedding you van choose: both keep their name, he takes her name of she van take his name. You can’t both take names, as it doesn’t show you’ve now chosen to share your life together.
          Mostly the woman chooses to take the mans name, as was once tradition.
          When both keeping your own name, you have to choose with name your children will get (can’t go half-half about that).

  1. Wow Ness you are so right ?Gerard and I had a lot of fun by reading your article
    Allready looking forward for the next one

  2. what a piece of shit, like if the only thing I care about is a man taking me on picnics, giving me his last name and “informing” me about finances.

  3. I love your article! About #9 : You’ve met the right Dutchman! Mr. van Engelen is very good with his agenda 😛 Not all the Dutchmans unfortunately 😉

  4. Clogs? Only som old farmers wear those. I’ve never seen someone wearing them in my entire life. Don’t make up these silly stories.
    And Dutch guys are sooo not romantic. You are just lucky that yours is but the majority doesn’t give 2 shits about romance. Therefore you need an Italian or a Frenchman.

    And not all Dutch men are tall and handsome. They kind of have a horse face but if that is what floats your boat you’re good.

    And the Netherlands has really good social security and benefits so if you mess up financially the government will help out.
    But that does not mean all Dutch men have their shit together financially…

  5. Wow! All the things that have been mentioned on this article are true! I met one dutch guy on chatblink and we we’ve been online dating for 4 months now 🙂 We’re both 21 and engineers. Among the guys i met on chatsites, he is the first guy who showed a lot of interest about where I came from and he didn’t flirt with me immediately. We became really close and by the time he confessed his feelings I couldn’t say NO to a guy like him. He plans to visit me next year and I hope he’d still be the same.

  6. Im a latina dating one amazing dutchman! Always straight, charming to my friends and family, respects and supports me in my studies to become and architect, and I’m moving there next year to do my master’s degree. He is more excited than me haha!. He treats me like the queen that i am, spoils me (hehe) and I can totally say is the best man i ever had. Loved the article, love my dutchman.

  7. Hhahaha. No wonder you did all the work. Left your country and moved to the Netherlands. Thats what these dutch men are, emotinally lazy. The woman here do all the emotional work for them.

    Dutch men have a big mouth with very little action.
    Oh well, when its comes to money, he will take note of what he payed for you. Including the pregnancy test you bought with him at kruidvat! And later in an argument he will remind of how much you owe him.

    Either you are too impressed by the dutch and their fake lives or you coudnt find better than this.

  8. This was a nice read. Thank you for sharing. It sounds like a breath of fresh air. I am a first generation American, my maternal side of my family is from England. So I have two influences and value both for different reasons. I prefer directness over guessing, I am not good at guessing plus it is too much work, too many variables to decipher. Plus I don’t have time for nonsense. Sound really nice congrats!!

  9. The only thing I agree with is that they are tall. They seem to be terrified of women, they have no idea what flirting is. Tight with their money and it’s the Dutch way or no way. Never again!

  10. I met this Dutch surgeon on Instagram and was totally surprised that on the 5th day that we have been talking he already confessed his feelings. It was very new to me for i am Asian. I cannot believe at first because how can he fall for me just by talking. True he is so straightforward and expresses his true intentions. He said that he will come to my country soon and i look forward to meeting him.

    Thanks for sharing your article as i want to know a lot about Dutch men.

    • Hahaha, I wouldn’t expect too much from that long term. Have been living in the NL for 16 years now, dated more than a few men. Those confessing about feelings on your 5th chat day on instagram is a reflection of how “deep” those feelings are. My last Dutch date started sending me ‘I love you’ kind of messages after there first date, I found it super weird. Tried to cut ties with him, he started reminding me how much time and money (!!!) he invested in our dates (there were 2 dates, I paid for myself, but he brought me back home by car, hence the gas costs). Seriously, the cheapest least romantic men I’ve ever encountered on a whole. I believe some are amazing, but not the ones ‘confessing’ their ‘feelings’ after they chat with you twice.
      I’m happily married to an American now. Glad I met him here in The Netherlands, otherwise I’d have ended forever alone. lol.

  11. I agree completely!! I dated a few and they bored the living daylights out of me. I learnt to stay away at all costs. Also I don’t like blonde men they are too feminine. They are stingy and don’t have enough calls to stand up for what they want. This article is full of lies.

  12. I know the the Dutch culture, I grew up in Netherlands, I’m from north Africa, and from middle east, and I’m dutch too, I’m looking to life in Holland and fine kind Dutch men between 55 to 65 years old

  13. Well, I don’t know why u would want to live there, the cold climate, for one, secondly, you will never understand the language, and the economy is small, I suppose he wants to stay there but very unusual, mostly they all want to come here


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