Smoking weed in Amsterdam? All you need to know about smoking cannabis in the Netherlands in 2019

Amsterdam has a certain reputation among a particular group of young people around the world. Amsterdam is, of course, the weed capital of Europe, and it shines as a great beacon of acceptance for the consumption of soft drugs around the globe. But despite what you may have heard, things are not always what they seem when it comes to weed in Amsterdam.

For example, did you know that growing weed is actually illegal? So where does the weed in the coffee shops come from? Good question!

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There are a lot of things that the typical tourist in Amsterdam doesn’t see behind the scenes in the local weed industry, and that’s probably for the better. Besides, you don’t need to understand how or why weed is sold in Amsterdam in order to enjoy it. Although my experience with marijuana comes from the medicinal side, and I only really visit coffee shops with out-of-town guests, I have decided to dive deep into the local weed culture for your benefit. You’re welcome.

Here are 7 things you should know about smoking weed in Amsterdam



#1 Smoking Weed in Amsterdam: The Law

What is the law on cannabis?

Let’s start with what the law actually is on smoking cannabis. For one, cannabis is not actually legal in the Netherlands, something many people outside of the Netherlands do not know (and shockingly I’ve encountered a few Dutch people who didn’t know this somehow too)!? Weed in the Netherlands is actually decriminalized (‘toleration policy’). This basically means that it’s tolerated.

It’s not really allowed, but nothing will happen to you if you choose to go into a coffee shop and smoke it and/or take some home for your own personal pleasure (5g or less).

This doesn’t go for growing though. Yes, you can get away with growing a few plants for your own personal use, but growing on a mass scale, to sell or even to distribute to the coffee shops? Well, that’s a no go. This is what makes the whole thing completely confusing, as the weed in the coffee shops has to come from somewhere. It’s just a complete grey area.

As a result, a lot of coffee shop owners actually hire buyers to get the cannabis and then bring it in for them. The coffee shop can then have 500g on site and nothing more.

Can I smoke weed legally in Amsterdam?

Well, technically, no. Again, like I said before, nothing will happen to you if you’re an otherwise law-abiding citizen, you’re not causing a public disturbance, you don’t have more than 5g on your possession and you’re smoking in an Amsterdam area where weed smoking is not banned. Other than that, you’re good to go.


#2 Smoking Weed in Amsterdam is Only/Mostly for Tourists

Walk into any coffee shop – no, not a café where you get good coffee and cold drinks, a coffee shop where you get stinky weed and bad coffee – and you will instantly notice something: the people behind the counter are all Dutch, and nearly every customer is a tourist. This is because locals just don’t partake in the activity. Whether it’s because these people have been around it their whole lives, or because most coffee shops are located in tourist traps where locals never go, people who live in Amsterdam just don’t do it. Come on, if you lived in Efteling, would you eat the cotton candy every day? (Don’t answer that!)


#3 There is no regulating body to verify strain, potency, or anything else

If you come from the US or Canada and live in a state/province that has legalized marijuana for recreational use, you may be accustomed to buying weed that has a lot of information about what it is, where it was grown, how potent it is, and how much THC it contains. This is not the case with weed in Amsterdam. This means that if you’re a newbie, going to a disreputable coffeeshop may mean you could be getting random weed. If you’re a connoisseur and can really tell the difference between Indica, Sativa, AK-47, and Alice In Wonderland, good for you! You should call out the coffeeshop when they try to sell you something you didn’t ask for.

Smoking Weed in Amsterdam coffeeshop
Hi tourist trap!


#4 Understand What You’re Getting – Weed, Weed with Tobacco, Hashish

At the point of purchase, you will be confronted with several different options of what to consume and how to consume it. The main categories of weed are pure weed (just the leaves), weed mixed with tobacco (if you’re a smoker), and hashish (oil usually mixed with tobacco in a joint or used in a bong). You will also be asked to decide between Indica weed (gives more of a relaxing body high) or Sativa weed (provides an uplifting head high). Finally, you’ll be asked to choose your delivery method: do you want to buy loose bud and roll your own joins or smoke in a pipe, would you prefer to have a pre-roll (a joint they rolled), or do you prefer to consume it as an edible? If you are new to this, my advice is to go for a pre-roll of pure Sativa or Indica when you’re smoking smokin weed in Amsterdam for the first time. Be aware that edibles should be consumed in small quantities (share a muffin with a couple of friends) because its effects take a while to activate and sneak up on you.


Smoking Weed in Amsterdam for the first time
This Simpsons episode is the best

#5 A Typical Visit to A Coffee shop in Amsterdam

When visiting a coffee shop in Amsterdam for the first time, it would be useful to understand the protocol. Although they sell coffee and usually sodas, their main business is weed, so be sure to visit the marijuana counter before doing anything else. Typically, these counters are at the front of the store, so it’s the first thing you do. The staff will show you a menu with the items I just mentioned above, so pick your poison! After you buy your weed, you can either go have a seat and enjoy your weed, though I recommend you buy a coffee or other drink just as a courtesy (or more like a ruse – your parents: “what’d you do this afternoon?” you: “I had some coffee.”). Finally, have a seat in the main area, their patio, or their private room (for those who are shy of smoking weed in Amsterdam in public) and enjoy your purchase. As a bonus, most coffee shops will have music playing and a TV tuned to something that will soon become the most fascinating thing you’ve ever seen.

Here’s some more information about how to behave yourself in a coffee shop in the Netherlands for the first time

#6 Smoking Weed in Amsterdam: Know Your Limits

This is the part where I warn you that you should be careful when consuming marijuana, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. As I already mentioned, be extra careful with edibles since they can feel like duds until they kick in, then you’ll need to ride out the high. Smoking weed allows you to control how high you get by smoking just a little or a lot. Hopefully you’re getting high with a friend, in which case you two can share a one-gram pre-roll to start with. Not to sound like your mom, but stay hydrated, be extra careful with bikes when roaming the city, and never buy weed from any place that isn’t a coffeeshop. If you don’t know how your body (or mind) will react to marijuana, stay in a safe place until the high goes away. If you’re moving to Amsterdam to start your own personal smoke’a’thon just remember to budget your vice with your painstakingly inflated rent.

…Literally how I’ve seen some tourists smoke weed as they assume it’s the same as a cigarette. The end result is never pretty.


#7 Some of The Best Weed Options In Amsterdam

For several reasons, including the fact that weed isn’t controlled like in the States, I can’t fully recommend anyone coffee shop to try, since most coffee shops tend to have better consistency in their coffee than in their weed. So instead of recommending coffee shops based on weed quality, I’ll give you some suggestions based on atmosphere, which ultimately plays an important role in the experience. If you are here for the first time, you really can’t do any better or worse than The Bulldog. There is a big location in Leidseplein and several in the Red Light District. Selfie yourself with the sign, and enjoy the mega crowds. But really: no.

For a deeper experience, try Spirit in the Jordaan. They have pinball, which, while already super fun, is even more so when you’re high. Easy Times near the Rijks has a big private smoking room with plenty of seating and a big TV, which should provide hours of entertainment.

5 coffee shops to go for smoking weed in Amsterdam:

  1. Bulldog – just because that seems to be the rule to go there at least once, but also kind of a tourist trap
  2. Dampkring – think Ocean’s 12, sofas and a cat
  3. Grey Area – American’s love it and lots of celebrities have been there
  4. The Spirit – Pinball machines and a chilled vibe
  5. Easy Times – Your home from home

I’m not an expert on coffee shops in Amsterdam, so feel really welcome to put suggestions on where to smoke weed in Amsterdam in the comments!

As you can see, there is much more to the weed scene in Amsterdam than just hopping into the nearest coffee shop near your hotel and asking for a joint. It’s important to know what you’re getting, understand your own limits, and be in a safe environment when you are trying something for the first time. The experience can be really fun, and it’s something unique to Amsterdam, so enjoy!

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What tips do you have when it comes to smoking weed in Amsterdam? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to join our DutchReview Facebook group while you’re here. 


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  2. There are different surprising laws of weeds in different countries. In some counties it is legally allowed to smoke and some countries it is not. Therefore, knowing the best laws and rules on such terms will let us decide to best for us, as a living citizen.

  3. When it comes to the taste and quality of weed, nothing beats Green House effect IMHO. I lived in Amsterdam for half a year a few years ago, then visited it again on several occasions and planning to move back there for a year or two and the quality of GHE was a constant thing.

    I normally used their coffee house near Waterlooplein, but they have other ones too.

  4. Is there a way to get something for pain management? I live in Germany and am desperate. I don’t want to get high. I’m suffering and live in Germany, not too far from Amsterdam.

    • Look into CBD oil, it won’t get you high but can help some people with chronic pain. Also legal to buy and use in Germany as far as I’m aware 🙂

  5. And, you can buy the weed in the coffee shop or you have to buy it out from there?
    If its out of there, where should I buy it?
    Thanks man!

  6. I tried a space cake and it was weak, barely got a slight buzz. Dissapointed. So I bought an AK-47 weed brownie that was labeled “Very Strong”. I thought, Ok this sounds better. Nope. It didn’t smell much like weed. Tried it and barely got a buzz that lasted less than 30 min I would say. Stay away from these brownies. Stick to smoking.


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