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Whether we’re talking about pre-coronavirus or post-reopening of horeca, anyone who drinks has a night-out story they’re probably not proud of.

But like everyone else, Dutchies have their own remedy for the effects of a night of drinking — a trip to the snackbar. 🏃🏻

What is it?

If you have no idea what a Dutch snackbar is, let us be your guide. Snackbars are small fast-food-like venues that make your classic Dutch frituur (fried food) go tos.

From friet (or is it patat?) and bitterballen to kroket and kaassoufflé, you and your empty stomach’s desires will be fulfilled.

Plenty of people, Dutchies and internationals alike, love going to a snackbar after the bar to grab a bite to eat when nothing else is open.

Why do they do it?

Frituur is the perfect food after a night out of drinks — it’s greasy, it’s filling, and it’s carb heaven, making it the ideal food to eat to soak up the alcohol.

(And, most importantly, prevent the impending hangover! 😉)

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Not to mention, frituur can curb your salty cravings late at night.

Friet is a great snack to have if you’re sharing it with other people but otherwise, falafel wraps or a broodje frikandel is the perfect thing to keep for yourself.

Why is it quirky?

The more you drink, the more questionable your snack choices become.

Whether it’s putting obscene amounts of mayonnaise on everything or picking an “interesting” sauce combination for your friet, we can’t blame you for your cravings.

And while eating a lot of snack food in the night seems like the best idea at the moment, you might find yourself feeling a little queasy from it.

We can’t tell you if that’s the alcohol or the snack food talking, though. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Should you join in?

This activity is definitely something to try out, especially if you want to try some fun Dutch snacks but also drink responsibly!

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Although, these snack foods aren’t the most healthy (deep-fried in lots of oil) but it doesn’t do much harm if you have them once in a while. 😉

What do you think of this Dutch quirk? Have you experienced it? Tell us in the comments below!

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Katrien Nivera 🇵🇭
Katrien Nivera 🇵🇭
Third culture kid Katrien has been working as a writer and editor at DutchReview for over two years, originally moving to the Netherlands as a tween. Equipped with a Bachelor’s in communication and media and a Master’s in political communication, she’s here to stay for her passion for writing, whether it’s current Dutch affairs, the energy market, or universities. Just like the Dutch, Katrien lives by her agenda and enjoys the occasional frietje met mayo — she just wishes she could grow tall, too.


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