Dutch Quirk #78: Watch the cows dance when they’re let out for the spring

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After a long and dark winter, the Dutchies have a great solution for recharging themselves. They get their family together and they go to see some dancing cows!🐮

Farmers let their cows leave their indoor corral to return to the Dutch fields when the winter is over. It is usually done on a sunny day, and we are clearly not the only ones who can be excited about the good weather!

The cows start jumping all around the field, and it is really damn cute to see! 👀

What is it?

In the Netherlands, there are organised tours and open days on farms; some people give each other tickets for Christmas and go together in the spring to see the dancing cows. 

It never gets old; jumping cows are simply too cute to get boring! The whole family can go together, and the entire dynasty of Dutchies can recharge themselves after a long and dark winter. 

Why do they do it?

Well, it’s pretty simple: the cows do it because they are happy, and their delight passes on to the onlookers. It’s better than any therapy! 

It happens only once a year, so it is also a rare experience for those who are used to seeing cows. 

Why is it quirky? 

I mean, can you imagine a Dutch family standing outside of a farm’s fence, eating stroopwafels and watching the cows dance next to a tulip field? (Yes.)

If their jumping around wasn’t so damn adorable, you could even say that it’s quite cheesy to watch.

Should you join in? 

Jaa! You don’t need to be Dutch to get addicted to this. If you want an overdose of Dutch things, you can easily combine your trip with seeing some of the tulip fields as well. 

But don’t be surprised if your shoes turn into wood at some point! 😉

What do you think of this Dutch quirk? Have you experienced it? Tell us in the comments below!

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Mihály Droppa
Mihály Droppa
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