The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Immigrants Fear Itself

If fear is the food that modern societies feed on then the media is the spoon, and politicians, the hand that guides it. We live in a fear-based world where those that perpetuate this type of culture have direct access to you, the public. They can convey their message with fervor and inject themselves into your home every second of every hour, every day of the week. But should we be angry at right wing rapscallions and the mainstream media for simply doing what they’re programmed to do? I think more of us need to start thinking for ourselves rather than be led onto the rocks by these beacons of bullshit.

Norbert Hofer
Ever wondered why Norbert Hofer needs a cane? Well, you’d walk with a limp too if you were burdened by bigotry

We know that right wing politician’s greatest triumph is their ability to play to the worries of majority groups and target the things they fear the most through misinformation and irrational paroxysm. Fear of losing their jobs, fear of losing their identity and fear of stereotypes. If we wrapped these fears into a tidy little bundle you could simply say, fear of the unknown when it comes to migrants within Europe, America and Australia. It is the very basis for all referendums calling on a split from the EU. They (right wingers) create a blanket of uncertainty that’s pulled over the eyes of voters in countries all over the world, and construe facts so that they align with their own skewed sense of utopian society. But is fear really to blame? Or is it the way wily political doomsayers manipulate your fear that is the problem?

Fear. Friend Or Foe?

Sure these racist, homophobic, ultra-nationalist hate mongering bigots are somewhat to blame, but the Donald’s, Nigel’s, Pauline’s, Geert’s and Norbert’s of the world don’t have the right to make us feel any way we don’t want to. Fear itself is not the reason. Fear is part of the human psyche that has allowed us to be successful for hundreds of thousands of years. Ever since the first cavemen and women collectively soiled their loincloth when confronted by bus size carnivores that roamed the globe. Fear is harnessed by professional athletes in order to push through boundaries and cement their focus in order to achieve otherwise unachievable goals.

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage coaxed half a nation to the edge of the deep end, then pushed them in and ran away

Fear isn’t the problem. The problem is how people let politicians manipulate their fears. The problem is that fear is allowed to rule people’s lives. And instead of taking a magnifying glass to the root of their fear and asking “what is it we’re really afraid of”, they give in. Why? Because it’s easier to judge than to disassociate with hardwired emotions and critically analyse what we’re actually afraid of. But don’t we all know that feeling scared is part of what being human is? You just can’t let it put you in a headlock and drag you around like the schoolyard bully.

Geert Wilders
If you believed half of Geert Wilders said about Islam you’d never book a flight to Bali

Cowards In Wolves Clothing

Donald Trump, Norbert Hofer, Pauline Hanson, Geert Wilders and Nigel Farage. All of these politicians have one thing in common. They’re all cowards. It is them who are the most scared. Just like the dog with the loudest bark is always the one that is most afraid. On paper you’d think that surely these people couldn’t garner popular support within their own country based on some of the statements that they’ve made publicly.

Donald Trump
Ever heard the saying “An empty vessel makes the loudest sound”?

Pauline Hanson, leader of the One Nation Party in Australia who’s currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity, once famously said, “I believe we (Australians) are being swamped by Asians”. Or what about Norbert Hofer, who is convinced that his decision to carry personal protection on the campaign trail a.k.a. a loaded glock 9mm pistol is a “natural consequence” of immigration. How can anyone think that a man who has essentially said carrying a gun is necessary in response to an influx of refugees entering Austria is fit to lead the nation? Geert Wilders supposed “understanding” of Islam, and his own interpretation of the Quran would be laughable if he wasn’t so zealous and vindictive in the denunciation of all Muslims the world over.

The Primrose Path Of Prejudice

These individuals create boogeyman out of displaced persons, religions and disadvantaged citizens of the world because they know that we fear what we don’t understand. They know it better than most. And they know that in order to make grounds in the political arena you’ve got to play the passion card. They know that the only way that they can make you vote for them is by tapping into their own fear and projecting it onto you. But you have a choice.

I’m sick of hearing the people within the media saying these right wing politicians are running a fear-based campaign. This implies that we take their words as gospel and should be scared of what comes out of their mouths. If you actually looked through their shallow personal agenda’s and brushed aside their hateful slandering you’d be able to see that the story they’re pushing isn’t one of togetherness and humanity. They dress up their message by spruiking control of the economy and freedom of choice. But it’s not a message encouraging people to unite, and it doesn’t come from any place that’s well meaning.  So how can these people who are so wrong in every way gain so much momentum? Because we let them.

Pauline Hanson
Pauline Hanson is the poster girl for toothless xenophobic nationalists all over Australia

It’s hard to make light of this situation, and the problem with political jokes is that they tend to be elected. I think all you can say is that it’s ok to be afraid of the unknown, but don’t be lead down the primrose path of prejudice by people who are cowards and hypocrites at heart. It’s sad to see people voting for these fanatics, but people get the government they deserve. I know it feels like in some instances, they’ve won out over good, but the truth is that nobody wins in these situations.


  1. Good article and your right on the matter that populists use scaremongering and such as a political tool. Sadly many people fall for that trap. Sadly, it also blocks a healthy and constructive debate. I feel that it is a decent position to question a further influx of Islamic culture and immigrants and I denounce certain aspects of the EU, but I do not for one minute wish to be represented by or associated with these populists.


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