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8 things to know about getting Dutch internet

Whether you’re moving to or within the Netherlands, you’ll have to be ready to set up your utilities and home essentials — a.k.a. the internet.  Of course, like any foreign country, the Netherlands is full...

7 questions answered about getting a Dutch mortgage in 2023

So you finally decided to buy a house in the Netherlands instead of renting. Congrats! That’s a big move — especially in 2023. Now it’s time to set yourself up with a Dutch mortgage. While...

The Dutch mindset: 5 secrets to the Dutchies’ happiness

The Dutch have the reputation of being one of the happiest nations in the world. But why? Is it the cheese? The (lack of) altitude? The godforsaken rain? Having observed this rare breed of...

What is minimum wage in the Netherlands in 2023? All you need to know

Knowing what the minimum wage is in the Netherlands and how it works is important for you to know when you start working in the Netherlands.

At these Dutch banks, you can open an account BEFORE getting a BSN

So, you need to open a bank account in the Netherlands before getting a BSN? You'll be happy to hear that that's geen problem — but only at some banks.  Upon arrival in the Netherlands,...

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32 unmissable things to do in Rotterdam in 2023

As the Dutch centre of modern architecture and big city vibes, there are lots of things to do in Rotterdam.  This vibrant city is home to Europe’s largest port, the only...