Schiphol faces huge delays this summer after reporting passenger numbers DOUBLED in 2022

Thought the Schiphol craziness was over? Not just yet! Schiphol prepares for another busy summer after passenger rates doubled in 2022.

Last year Schiphol received 52.5 million passengers — more than twice the amount of passengers in 2021, around 25.5 million.

Campaign manager Joost van Doesburg of FNV (The Netherlands Trade Union Confederation) told the NOS that there are still major staff shortages which means Schiphol will not be ready for the summer.

SIX hours?!

Last year, some passengers waited up to six hours just to check in.. with queues even going outside of the airport. 

This was largely the result of staff shortages, as well as, flight cancellations, huge delays, and mismanagement — creating the perfect storm. ⛈️

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Schiphol CEO Dick Benschop resigned last September because the situation was too difficult to fix. And there is no sign of things improving. 

So if you’re going to brave what Schiphol has to offer, we suggest packing a boterham to take with you. 🥪

Minimum wage war

Many employees are still leaving because they don’t believe their wages align with the excessive workload at Schiphol, according to FNV.

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However, the airport has not given up just yet. They are in the process of organising a job market along with several airlines to make up for staff shortages.

We can only hope that these efforts will be the end-all, be-all solution. 🤞

Will you be travelling through Schiphol this summer? Tell us in the comments below!

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Eva Gabriella
Eva Gabriella
After calling Malaysia her home for 19 years, Eva moved to Amsterdam to study literary and cultural analysis. Well, that was the academic theory — in reality it was more like “cultural shock.” Eva’s mastery of life in the Netherlands involved initiation into the richness of nocturnal hangouts, canals, cuisine, and upright and forthright cyclists (who she now rings her bell back at.) When she is not speeding her way through books, she is winding and weaving down endless straatjes, often finding herself, not so quite by chance, in a gezellig music bar!



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