Long-stays in Amsterdam: hotels you can call home

More and more, hotels and hostels in Amsterdam are offering their guests long-stay options at lower rates. It’s great news for anyone who’s moving house, on a temporary work assignment, or having a nice long holiday.

Seeing as many of our dear readers often fit into those very categories, we wanted to find out more. So we learned all about this new shift toward more affordable temporary housing, and we’re excited — we think you will be too.

Long-stays: a new trend in Amsterdam

Anyone who has lived in Amsterdam has experienced the challenging house-hunting and moving process. Finding the right home in the right neighbourhood at the right price can be an overwhelming and drawn-out process, not to mention the chore of the physical move itself.

In fact, moving house is frequently listed as one the top most stressful experiences a person can go through in life, right up there with divorce and the death of a loved one. It’s hard! 

One thing that can make a world of difference is having a comfortable place to stay while you’re getting the details sorted. This is where long-stay hotel options and short-stay apartments in Amsterdam can be your golden ticket. 

What to look for in long-stay accommodation in Amsterdam

While you’re shopping around for the right short-term home, there are just a few important questions you’ll want to ask yourself. 

  • Location
    • Do you want to be centrally located, close to public transportation, near the neighbourhood where you hope to live, or a new part of the city you want to explore?
  • Affordability 
    • What’s your budget? Would you rather spend a bit more for your creature comforts, or is it more important to save money and live simply?
  • Amenities
    • Will you need parking? Are you hoping for a gym? Do you want to fully unpack into a closet or are you comfortable living out of a suitcase? Think about what you can and can’t live without for a month or two.

The beautiful thing is that this isn’t your long-term home, so there’s no need to agonize over the details. If you find a place that ticks these boxes, you should be all set. Just go with your gut and don’t look back.

The best long-stay options in Amsterdam

With help from our friends at a few wonderful extended-stay accommodations, we’re excited to bring you a handful of local options that we absolutely adore, with a little something for everyone.

Aparthotel Adagio

The Aparthotel Adagio Amsterdam City South is located Amstelveen, not far from the Amsterdamse Bos and Amstel Park. The quiet, safe little neighbourhood is easily accessible by public transportation and it’s just a quick tram ride from Amsterdam Zuidas (the main business district). Parking your car is easy too (a rare find).

The beautiful four-star Aparthotel Adagio is an excellent choice for business travellers or people moving to the city who want to experience a home away from home. Solo travellers can enjoy the roomy 52-square metre Superior Studio, while the whopping 123-square metre two-bedroom apartments comfortably sleep a family of four (and include a gorgeous top-floor terrace).

Each apartment has a fully-equipped kitchen and separate living area, which is ideal for long-stays. A few more great perks include free use of fitness facilities, smart TV, laundry facilities, and weekly housekeeping.


  • Long-stays benefit from a discount of up to 40% off regular rates.
  • Prices start from 89 per night for a studio apartment, based on a minimum stay of 28 nights.

How to book

Head over to Aparthotel Adagio Amsterdam City South to take advantage of these great offers!

ClinkNOORD Hostel

ClinkNOORD Hostel is an excellent, budget-friendly option for folks new to the city. The fantastic location in hip Amsterdam Noord gives you easy access to all the city centre has to offer, without the hustle and bustle of it.

Many great restaurants, cafes, bars, and museums are within close walking distance, and a free, five-minute ferry takes you right to Amsterdam Centraal. 

Room choices range from a basic dorm with a shared bathroom to a private “Ultimate Study Suite,” perfect for people working or studying from home. A large, shared kitchen allows you to cook all your favourite meals, and an on-site cafe and bar mean there’s delicious hot food and cool refreshing drinks available when you feel more like taking it easy.

Another big bonus: if you stay for three months, ClinkNOORD will even help you register in the Netherlands.

Long-stay rates

  • Four-person dorms at ClinkNOORD start at €340 per month and private rooms begin at €750 per month.
  • Long-stay guests also receive 50% off all food and 15% off drinks, as well as a range of exclusive local discounts.

How to book

Head over to ClinkNOORD’s website!


Whether you’re in Amsterdam for business, home, or holiday, Zoku’s ultra-chic lofts are an incredible option. For people new to the city, the convenient location in the heart of Amsterdam is great for getting oriented, and the inviting social spaces make it easy to build new connections.

Zoku is all about comfort, style, and convenience. The aparthotel offers intelligently designed spaces that you can personalise to your own tastes — even to the degree of selecting your favourite artwork for the walls.

The home-office hybrid lofts offer a relaxed environment for all your work-from-home needs. The lovely apartments are large enough to entertain guests and equipped with all the amenities you could hope for. You can prepare meals in your own kitchen, or enjoy delicious food and drinks with a view from Zoku’s Living Kitchen.


  • Extended-stay rates with a one-week minimum start at €84 per night.

How to book

Get this deal on Zoku’s website.

Wittenberg Aparthotel

The historic Wittenberg is a lovely boutique aparthotel located in the Plantage neighbourhood, a peaceful area just east of the city centre. This dreamy, quiet location is conveniently close to all the action in Amsterdam and has easy metro access. 

Wittenberg’s modern, fully-furnished apartments will have you feeling at home right away. A full kitchen, washing machine, and Apple TV are just a few of the amenities that make your life easier. With apartments ranging from studio size to three-bedroom, it’s a great choice for individuals, couples, and families. 

Working professionals are in luck; some apartments have a separate office, where you can close the door and get right down to work. For those who prefer to get down to business outside the home, a welcoming community working space is available, espresso and all.


  • Apartments begin at €85 per night, with a minimum stay of seven nights.
  • Plus, plenty of partnerships with local businesses means you’ll get discounts around the neighbourhood.

How to book

You can score a room at Wittenberg on their website!

Coronavirus note: Each of the accommodations listed is taking precautions to ensure a COVID-19-safe atmosphere. They maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, appropriate social distancing measures, and have reduced occupancy.

Why opt for extended-stay accommodations? 

Settling into a temporary home while you’re transitioning to your permanent home is all about making your life easier, particularly if you’re moving from abroad. It alleviates the pressure of rushing into an apartment you don’t really love, just because you need something fast.

Now that more hotels are meeting this need, there are more affordable options for a range of budgets. There’s no sense in paying a high nightly rate at a hotel, wishfully thinking you’ll luck out and find your dream home right away. It’s much less stressful to take comfort in a short-term landing pad while you grapple with the reality of Amsterdam’s difficult housing market. 

Plus, throw in this year’s coronavirus pandemic, and moving has an extra layer of complexity. You may have a slower time finding available real estate agents or properties, viewings may be complicated due to social distancing measures, and if you’re working from home, good luck managing all the live-in moving distractions. 

But while it may be extra challenging to move during this time, it may also be necessary. That’s when long-stay accommodations are key, especially in a city like Amsterdam. You’ll have a peaceful little oasis, separate from the relocation drama.

Short-stay, long-stay, extended-stay what’s the difference?

Strangely, the terms “short-stay” or “long-stay,” are generally referring to the same thing. The difference tends to be in the business that’s offering it. For example, an apartment complex may refer to a one-month stay with the term “short-stay” to differentiate from the longer leases they normally offer.

Conversely, a hotel will probably describe a stay that’s longer than a week with the term “long-stay” or “extended-stay” because their guests typically only come for a quick visit. There’s no hard rule the businesses are simply using terms that will make the most sense to their audience. 

Good to know when moving to Amsterdam 

When moving to Amsterdam, it’s a good idea to hope for the best while you plan for the worst it can be tricky. But there’s a lot you can do to make it easier on yourself — like getting to know the city from a long-stay hotel before having to sign a long-term lease. 

If you’re planning to stay in Amsterdam for an extended period, you may be interested in choosing the right neighbourhood, how to get a mortgage, and how to register in the Netherlands.

Have you stayed at an extended-stay hotel, or do you plan to? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

Feature Image: Burst/Pexels 

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