A quick round up on what’s there to do in Amsterdam, cause there’s always something fresh out there.

‘There’s nothing to do here’ said no-one in Amsterdam ever. But yet it can be difficult to make your pick out of all the offerings there. So let’s have a look at what’s new and fresh to get you through a whole day of Amsterdam, from lunch till the break of dawn!

Lunch: That avocado place

The Avocado Show (aptly named) is an avocado restaurant in Amsterdam’s The Pijp that’s the brainchild of Julien Zaal, Jamie van Heije and Ron Simpson–three blokes that have figured out that avocado is worshipped as a deity to wannabe foodies and fitgirls. Only a few million people have showed interest in visiting this place, and you’ve must have been living under a wifi-free rock if you haven’t heard about it. With over 45,000 Instagram followers for this avocado restaurant in Amsterdam already, you’re probably going to be waiting a while until you can get a table.

cat cafe
Katten cafe Kopjes

Coffee-break: Kattencafe’s

Might not be not so ‘new’ anymore, but there are still plenty of people who are in love with the holy trinity of coffee, cookies and cats! Recognizing you’re need for this cuteness we’ve got a whole post dedicated to your feline-needs.

Aperitif: Hors d’ouvres at the Krasnapolsky

Want to break the week at Wednesday’s and treat yourself? The renowned Krasnapolsky just started to serve ‘hors d’oeuvres’ every Wednesday at six. Yes please!

Eating: too much choice

It seems that there is a new place opening up every day of the week in Amsterdam. Which is not true, but 4 per week still is a massive number! Here are some of the best new openings of the past months.



The Evening: the Casino!

Feel like gambling? Not really surprising that that is possible in Amsterdam. A few months ago our state owned Casino opened up a branche in  Sloterdijk and this year they’re also opening up in West. But other than that, still no big and fancy Vegas-like Casino’s here. Can’t wait? If you want to proceed with games you can play online casino from your room as well.



Nightclub: Mad Fox

Tired of all the concrete warehouse for your nightly partying? Say no more, opening up at the 30th of March is ‘Mad Fox’. This new luxurious nightclub in the ‘W Amsterdam’ by Yossi Eiyahoo is aiming to be the most exclusive well-dressed hub in the city. With their high-end service they can certainly aim for a more NewYork/London feel.



Hang-over bar

After a full day of Amsterdam this might be the perfect spot to end your night, or at least was. It was only a ‘pop-up’ in 2016, but we really can use a spot where you have to be under the influence in order to get in and shake off that hang-over.



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