There’s An Avocado Restaurant In Amsterdam Opening And People Are Losing Their Sh*t

The latest news around the canals is that there’s an avocado restaurant in Amsterdam due to open this month in The Pijp… and it’s triggered avo-fanatics throughout the city.

The Avocado Show

The Avocado Show (aptly named) is an avocado restaurant in Amsterdam that’s the brainchild of Julien Zaal, Jamie van Heije and Ron Simpson–three blokes that have figured out that avocado is worshipped as a deity to wannabe foodies, middle-aged health fanatics, hipsters and a vast majority of millennials across the globe. Want further proof of its popularity? I guarantee you’ve heard a teenage girl at breakfast say at least once, “aw god, like, I don’t know what I’d do if avocados didn’t exist”.

Avocados and oprah

I Avocadon’t Like ‘Em

But what makes an avocado so appealing?

Is it the soft mushy texture that resembles a 6-month-old banana lurking at the back of the office fridge? Or is it the booger-esque green that catches your eye as you pry that cold, dimpled skin open. Maybe it’s the fact that you just love squishy, tasteless food and you’re too terrified to ask the question, “what the fuck is the go with avocados”, for fear of being marooned on a deserted island by society until you embrace their (lack of) flavour. However, if you’re someone in the grip of an avocado addiction with no hope of redemption; then this avocado restaurant in Amsterdam is like a knight in shiny green armour.

For Avo-Fanatics Everywhere

The Avocado Show offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night food starring their namesake. From burgers with avocado buns to avocado ice cream and even avocado and chocolate smoothies, every dish will feature avocado in one form or another. Impressive? Not really. Call me when there’s an avocado restaurant in Amsterdam built from the skins of used avocados; with avocado seed cutlery, tables and chairs; run by an avocado-human hybrid that speaks Avocadonese.

Avocado restaurant in Amsterdam
Avo on toast is the cornerstone of any healthy and nutritious millennial breakfast

Avocado restaurant in Amsterdam: Absolutely Avo-Control

It’s true that avocado is an incredibly versatile fruit though. And it looks like the owners of The Avocado Show plan to push the boundaries of what is possible in order to treat patrons to 100% original avocado dishes that’ll have you drawing your phone from its holster for an Insty shot quicker than you can say “avocado-on-toast”. But with over 9,000 Instagram followers for this avocado restaurant in Amsterdam already, you’re probably going to be waiting a while until you can get a table.

Avocado bunch
Not too sure about the seed-to-edible-part ratio

My advice? Don’t fight it. Give in to the power of the avocado.



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