Frosty Holland looks like a Fairytale (Updated with more magic!)

(*All the DutchReview fans loved it so much and sent us so many pictures we just had to update this article, scroll down for “Part 2” for the latest ones)

We already knew that the Netherlands could look amazing when there’s even a bit of snow. That little white layer just erases all the smudge and makes it glow in pure photogenic-ness. Today was one of the most beautiful days of the Netherlands since years, the little frosty layer – the Dutch call it ‘rijp’ – just made for some amazing scenes.

Since it was way too cold to go outside for a long time we stayed in and scoured the web for the best of frosty Holland. Here are some great pics made today in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, The Hague and the Dutch countryside.

Vondelpark by @gesalud (Insta)
Amsterdam canal (by Matty900098 – Instagram)
Where in Utrecht is this? (by @mclachlanjames – Instagram)
Stunning Museumpark and Euromast in Rotterdam (by @midi010 – that dude has amazing shots btw – Instagram)
Rotterdam (By @nickynic85)

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Good old Leiden (by @protindiana)
The Malieveld in The Hague (by @tijnpols – Instagram)
Living boats in Amsterdam looking sharp – by @TheCookingCoach (twitter)


Majestic Woudrichem (by @fotowoudrichem – twitter)

Massive thanks to all the people who shared their nice pictures with DutchReview! Feel free to send in some more pics you’ve made today, we’ll try and keep updating this one!

Krommerijn bij Rhijnauwen (by @andrehjan – twitter)

Frosty Holland Part 2 – Even more fairytales

20/1/2017 – A few days after the initial post of all these lovely pictures of the Frosty Netherlands it was an understatement to say that you, our beloved DutchReview fans, loved the Dutchness out of these pics. Thousands of likes and hearts and hundreds of pictures were also sent to us once again. So we updated this article! Here are the best pics that reached us through Facebook. Massive thanks once again people!

Nailed it! By Andrew Stripp Photography
By Charles Downing
By Gosia Meijer Sapinska
By Irma en Herman Wessels
By Kim Kroontje
By Kim Kroontje
By Theresa Afos
By Linda van Brakel, keep sharing those great shots Linda!
The Wilhelmina Park in Utrecht by Satabdi Lahiri

Hope you enjoyed it, now be generous and share! Oh, and follow DutchReview on Instagram for the freshest and best pics of the Netherlands!

Some beautiful shots of the Netherlands in Winter!

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