In other words, you know you are living in Amsterdam when :-

  1. You either yourself were or know someone who almost ended up on the streets because they couldn’t find an apartment on time.
  2. You run to the stationary tram at the tram stop only to be denied entry by the driver who refuses to open the door and coolly drives off while you frantically press the front door button.
  3. You visit all the touristy places in the first three months then are quick to dismiss them in social circles with something like “Oh I try to go to the hidden bars and restaurants you know, I hate being in those crowded touristy areas

    Source: 9gag
    Source: 9gag
  4. When you accidentally pronounce words like Jelly or Juvenile in an English article as “Yelly” and “Yuvenile” and think to yourself “Damn that Dutch is catching up to me”
  5. At some point it suddenly hit you — “Maybe, just maybe … I am not as tall as I thought”.
  6. Your Facebook statuses go from bright photos out in the sun (April — Sept) to mostly just checkins to places ( Oct-March) because who wants to post dull pics of grey clouds right.

    Dutch weather
    No comment needed. (Source:
  7. You saved the thick paper bag from that ONE trip last year to “De Bijenkorf” where you actually bought something there and carry it around to office and what not.
  8. Your bike has been stolen at least once. If not — either you don’t bike enough or you don’t own one at all.
  9. You discuss the weather all the time. Its sunny, its windy, its raining, it was supposed to rain but its not raining. You also have the “Buienalarm” app on your phone and check if its going to rain before you step out.
  10. Over time the only things that matter when you leave the house are the bank debit card and the ov-chipkaart — you check those before checking the house keys.
  11. When you find a good dentist, you stick with it till you are old and grey. Especially if that one also  can help you in English!




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