Dutch Daily News 07/11/2013: Of Girl Power And Hooliganism

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Studying at a university, much like voting, holding office, or having anything to say at all, has long been the privilege of men. Fortunately, times have changed, and women started having rights instead of just duties. The rebellious Aletta Jacobs is the closest thing the Dutch have to a Rosa Parks. By the end of the 19th century, she defied the norms of society and became the first woman to earn a medical degree at a Dutch university. Her contribution to social progress and women’s rights have been widely praised and it seems like her actions still echo throughout Dutch society, because the ladies are taking the lecture benches by storm. Ever since 2006, there have been more female than male students, and the odds are increasingly growing into female favor. In the early eighties, men outnumbered women 2:1, but ever since, the amount of students has taken flight, and the vast majority of this contribution is due to the influx of ladies eager to learn. Not only are they more legion than the guys, but they are also less likely to drop out.


Not sure if hazing, or just hanging head in shame.
Not sure if hazing or just hanging head in shame. source

Speaking of taking things by storm, The Netherlands was visited by an old friend yesterday, known as Ye Old Football Hooliganism.
Fans of the Amsterdam based football team Ajax clashed with hundreds of Celtic fans, turning the center of Amsterdam into a battlefield. Earlier that evening, Ajax defeated the Scottish team with a 1-0 score in one of the group stage matches in the Champions League. Finally a win for the troubled Ajax-side of Frank de Boer, and finally a good fight with the Scottish:


After the disgrace was over and the authorities had swept the center clear of hundreds of raging hooligans, eight police officers had to be taken to a hospital for medical aid.

So much for that jolly good sportsmanship. On to the weather report:

Weather report Netherlands

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