Daily Dutch News 27/11/2013 Ajax beats Barca and Some Animals are More Equal than Others

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As some of you who follow the Champions League might know, Ajax booked a heroic 2-1 win against Barcelona last night; this means they are still contenders for the next round. Barcelona was missing their star player Lionel Messi, but considering Ajax was a man down from almost the beginning of the match this win is no mean feat. More shocking however was the man that decided to jump from the stands, falling down 5m and seriously injuring himself. It remains unclear what led up to this unfortunate series of events but he remains in critical condition in hospital. Ajax and the Amsterdam ArenA are investigating the incident and evaluating the safety of the stadium.

Within minutes, Twitter was going crazy with several reports about why the man had fallen/jumped. According to one such rumour the man had taken LSD and was hallucinating that he was an eagle. Others say he was wearing a Barcelona strip and there might have been foul play. I suppose we will just have to wait and see to find out what really happened.

Too soon?
Too soon?

In other news today it is yet again clear that there are still plenty of people who see Dutch citizens of non-European origin as being just that little bit less Dutch than the rest. What one would call maybe a second class citizen for example? By plenty of people I don’t just mean Henk and Ingrid and the rest of those crazy PVV’ers, but the liberal Old Boys Network we call the VVD! The VVD have proposed introducing what they are calling a ‘Caribbean Pas’, intended to be a modified version of the Dutch passport intended for inhabitants of the Dutch Caribbean. Luckily not many other parties in the Tweede Kamer seem to be willing to support the VVD on this point. In addition to this, the PVV (yup the crazies couldn’t possibly lag behind!) have called for criminal Antilleans to be sent back to their country of origin. Nothing new, as Rita Verdonk (yet another crazy) proposed this way back in 2006. Luckily this legislation never made it into the real world and it is doubtful that it will this time around either. Together the VVD and the PVV have made sure that this week we took another big leap in the direction of demonising and alienating anyone and everyone that doesn’t happen to be born white and Christian.

So I leave you with the equally dismal weather report:

Weather report Netherlands

Anna Lambregts
Anna Lambregts
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