Does this mean Israel has influence on Dutch politics?


Geert Wilders has been under investigation by the AIVD for ties to Israel. Does this connection between Geert Wilders and Israel mean Israëli influence on Dutch politics? 

As some of you may be aware we Dutch have our own version of Trump with equally ridiculous hair. This man is called Geert Wilders. Today the Volkskrant reported that Wilders has been under investigation by the Dutch secret service for alleged ties to Israel.

The Volkskrant, translated loosely as “the Peoplespaper”, had been looking into the twelve years of government security of Wilders and uncovered an investigation by the AIVD. The AIVD is the Dutch intelligence and security agency in charge of defending the country against such threats as terrorism, cyberespionage and, for some reason, weapons of mass destruction.

The Volkskrant found that between 2009 and 2010 the intelligence agency was looking into potential ties between Wilders, his Freedom Party and the Israeli government. Wilders, much like any American right wing politician, has declared unconditional support for Israel. The Volkskrant reports that the investigation was started due to Wilder’s contacts with several high ranking Israeli officials, some of which eventually ended up working for the Freedom Party.


Geert Wilders and Israel

Throughout the years Wilders has made several remarks regarding Israel. In 2003 during a campaign speech in Tel Aviv he declared he felt a “special connection” to the country and he has expressed concern regarding a potential two state solution. In true Wilders/Trump style Wilders has responded to the allegations today via tweet.

The Freedom Party, which Wilders leads, has been rumored for many years to be partially funded by the Israeli government. These rumors have been fueled by both his refusal to reveal donations and a history of contacts with the Israeli embassy and government. The AIVD investigation did not lead to official charges and has only been revealed by the Volkskrant today, nearly 6 years after the investigation took place. Whether there is any truth to these allegations will undoubtedly be revealed in the coming days, as the AIVD has so far refused to comment.