Despite Erdogan’s speeches and the godawful weather in the Netherlands on this first day of spring, the Netherlands is once again a very happy country indeed. The annual World Happiness Report has put us on spot #6 for when it comes to happiness, this annual report measures happiness on account of well being and such stuff and not cold money facts.

DutchReview and fans

Let’s have a better look

Coincidentally the super rich nation of Norway is also the happiest, followed up by totally ‘we don’t care about money’ nations such as Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland. People in China have not changed their happiness level in 25 years.

And America has somehow been getting sadder as well. Damnit, can somebody please make America happy again?


DutchReview does happy!

We’ve always been big on covering Dutch happiness, here’s an article on our happy kids and here’s one on our happy Dutch mindset. Oh, and there’s of course this factsheet which shows that there isn’t any reason to such a negative Nelly in the Netherlands (besides the crappy weather of course).



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