Gay Olympics 2014: Obama vs Putin

images (2)It’s an excited night viewers. Are you ready for some action? Obama and Putin are going head to head in this weeks beat down. Right now we’re in the Olympics arena where the battle will soon commence.

Yes Shaun,  it’s going to be the fight of the century. Let’s go to a quick montage to show why these two are locking heads.

It started when Putin pissed off a lot of LGBT’s signing an Anti-promotion of homosexuality law .This caused an uproar for  LGBT’s (lesbian, gay, bi, transgender) some of them are also members of Obama’s wrestling posse. We’ve already had quite the demonstration against Putin when he visited. He got another shout out during gay pride from Dutch LGBT’s for arresting some Dutchies.

Now the upcoming Olympics in Russia are under siege. Will the gay athletes be arrested on grounds of this new law? Our very own Boris Dittrich, whom now is high up at Human Rights Watch and it’s small army of lobbyists, is now pressuring the Olympics committee to answer for their choice to follow through with the Olympics and with the problems that could arise with this law. Stephan Fry wrote an open letter to Prime minister Cameron asking for a boycott on the Olympics comparing Russia to early Second World War Germany (because Second World War analogies just don’t ever get tired, somebody keeping count?).

Whatever happened to their deep friendship? © Iamsterdam

President Obama was keeping quiet and let his posse provoke Putin. But then Putin totally spat in Obama’s face by becoming best buds with Snowden. Snowden embarrassed Obama once at an NSA party and ever since Obama has been trying to challenge Snowden. But he can’t locate him. Obama was pissed. He wouldn’t have it and he went on national tv to talk Russia and called Putin out for his recent LGBT hating ‘tude and cramping his style!

Of course Putin is pissed and challenged Obama. Obama is not one to back down. So tonight will be the night. Obama vs Putin. The wrestling style: LGBT rights.

This is going to be one hell of a wrestling match, Mike! So let’s go to Chantal for an in depth look at these major fighters!

Hey Shaun and Mike! We are totally psyched about the upcoming brawl. So let’s go ahead and see who are going head to head.

First up we have president Obama. President Obama is not in the best condition. China is starting to cast an evergrowing shadow unto the States. The country is not really at it’s economic peak(Detroit actually filed for bankruptcy) and politically not a lot wins are made (Snowden, constant attacks on Obama care, Guantanamo bay,  Afghanistan, the failing war on drugs, Egypts wrath) Obama needs a reason to pride his country. So cue to the LGBT rights.It’s awesome that Obama shows his love for LGBT’s and he’s probably been a legit friend of the LGBT scene from the early days (but had to back down on some issues in his first term to play his cards right)

Most Obama news nowadays is accompanied by photo’s of him with a troubled look on his face.

What gives Obama a slight handicap in this fight is his hypocrisy. Little over a month has it been since gay marriage has been redeemed constitutional and since DOMA is history. LGBT suicide numbers are still high in the states and it’s just been a year or 2 since DODT  has been reversed
So will Obama please get of his high horse and not pretend like America has this huge history of LGBT friendliness. It’s like a political equivalent of somebody just buying the newest Iphone and bullying friends for not having one. It really annoys the living daylight out of me.

Obama’s wrestling posse consists of Holland and some of the other gay friendly countries of the west. Amsterdam is currently celebrating the 400 year old established trade alliance with Russia. And well, feathers are getting rustled. Especially with one of the jewels of this celebration being a concert taking place at museum square showcasing Russia’s cultural diversity. This, to a lot of gay’s, seems like a big paradox. So obviously we are going to picket the hell out of it.

A wake up call from Lady Galore! The days of comatose Dutch LGBT Activism are over. Great series from Sander & Sandor Photography

One of the advantages that Amsterdam has is that this cause has reinvigorated the very activist ridden Holland. Gay activism has never really taken off, at least not in my life time. That probably has a little something to do with our cultural background of pillarisation. Gay marriage passed relatively silently. In Holland homosexuality just never appeared to have been an issue.
I think if we would’ve held a referendum over here like they did for prop 8 in California, things would’ve probably been looking very different right now. We probably wouldn’t have been the first country to allow gay marriage and would have had to start to actively vie for public opinion.
The Russian faux-pas is a great way of creating international  fellowship and camaraderie on the gay front. We won’t have any of that homophobe bullshit. Forward March!!!

In the right corner we have Putin a real man’s man who loves to model while fishing, scribble during meetings, makes himself popular with the ladies and loves wearing lots of make up.

Gurl is looking hot. Why doesn’t he go with this look more often?

He proudly served in the KGB, is rumored to have locked up opposite-campaign funder Mikhail Khodorkovsky.  And like a true boss he has been ruling the country for over  13 years, kinda like a dictator but then ‘democratically’ chosen.  He is crazy about the gays and wrote into law that everything considered gay propaganda is means for arrest, fines and the likes.

Putins biggest handicap is this law. This law is an excuse for a fairly large percentage of neonazi’s and skinheads further enhancing their torture techniques, their bullying tactics and their scare methods. This law frees up their hands and gives them a sort of neighborhoods watch badge to do whatever the hell they want. It’s not like gays are actual people with feelings and emotions, right? So let the bashing commence and evolve. This is extremely sad and needs all the media attention it can get.
It gives these crazies so much freedom because nobody agrees on what is considered gay propaganda. Is it girls behaving butch and men behaving femme. That’s a gender issue, but is mistaken for an issue of sexuality often. Lot’s of straight guys wear feminine clothing and lots of straight girls wear butch clothing. But does that make them gay? More importantly: Does that mean they are promoting homosexuality? Does that make them criminal? Where is this line? What is considered gay propaganda? Please explain to me! This law is beyond vague. Just for fun: What would be considered straight propaganda?

Putins wrestling posse are some of the non-western countries that think that the west should shut up. They are an unpredictable partner. Will they show up to back up Putin?  Or will they sneak attack in the midst of the match?
They are already sick of the west forcing their ‘universal’ rights unto them which gay rights have become synonymous with.  There are plenty of people who see the gay rights issue as neo imperialism. The west is yet again forcing itself unto other ‘Sovereign’  countries with not the white man’s burden this time around, but the gay man’s burden. There is little to no room for reinterpretation to local ideas surrounding sexuality and gender with words like gay becoming the term du jour for commercial and activist ends.

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 15.48.08

This might be an advantage during the match because they do have a point because let’s face it Imperialism happened and the white man’s burden hasn’t evaporated entirely. Aside from that they can call out Obama for his thoughtful choice to attack Russia for it’s LGBT unfriendly law, but it’s not like that’s the country with the worst track record when it comes to LGBT rights.
This could also be a weakness though because some of these countries politicians are just hiding behind universal rights critique and create huge media distractions to detract from more important laws being passed. Like magicians they make their audience look at their right ‘gay issues’ hand while performing the magic trick in the left hand.

That’s it for our players Shaun. Let’s hope they will bring their A-game to tonight’s match!

Thanks Chantal. Mike, now we want to see some blood flying around. What are your predictions on how this match will go?

I knew that Macdonalds and Coca Cola weren’t that healthy. But dayum.

Well Shaun, beats me. Hahahaha. But seriously… Obama could put pressure on his buddies at Coca Cola and Visa to stop out of their sponsorship. This could happen behind closed doors and the brands could still stay it was because of public opinion turning on them, which is also partly happening. But Obama probably won’t be able to cancel Putin’s Olympics.

It is unlikely that the Olympics committee will backtrack on their decision. With all the human rights issues China was and still is dealing with and those games still being held it seems unlikely that they will buckle under the weight of gay lobby. If they did it would make them seem hypocrite: favouring some human rights issues over others. Ohh you guys, Tibet was fine. These poor and state abused Chinese don’t matter. The gays are the true martyrs. All these other scandals weren’t reason to change course, but this one is. Our minister of emancipation says she was able to talk about human rights over there by actually going to the Beijing games. It seems better to just go.

Holland could jump into the ring by keeping their athletes home. But if Holland chooses to stay away from the Olympics we will inadvertently increase an advantage for Putin. Russian LGBT activists have already made it known that they would love to have a very gay visible Olympics instead of having countries staying home. Retreating will mean no change for Russian activists, only that we will be staying home.  Some Russians also started discretely undermining the law with this online photocampaign.

Already promises are being made by sportsmen to carry a rainbow flag into the stadium and wearing a sign of some sorts. Others however will respect the wishes of being in a host country and want politics and Olympics to remain separated. Now how will Putin respond? Will he stand his ground and go on an arrest frenzy or will he use some evasion strategies.

In the end, this is just neo-cold war rhetoric within a different arena. The stakes are too low for both Obama and Putin to care about each other. But there’s enough common ground to poke a finger in each others eye.  An older generation might have seen a similar match like this one before and will just sigh. But for LGBT’s becoming one of the active arena’s is a big deal. Two years ago this very move by Obama would have been unimaginable.

But we’ll have to see how this round goes, Shaun. Because you know when it comes to international politics all bets are off.

ObamaVSPutinThanks Mike, for that quick analysis. What are your predictions viewer? Who will win this competition? Who will be the winner of the first round? Will there be any surprises?  Right now, Rachel (our lovely comments section) is asking people in the front row for their views. What are you getting through Rachel?


Martijn Van Veen
Martijn Van Veen
Martijn is a filmmaker and curious mind fascinated with the ever changing world around him. He loves to overshare and to mingle in debates surrounding feminism, LGBT rights, ethnicity, immigration, copyright, new media and the war on drugs.


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