The 18 best street markets in Amsterdam: the ultimate guide

Street markets in Amsterdam have stacks to offer when it comes to shopping: the thrill of running into a good bargain, finding ethically resourced and healthy options, or gobsmackingly delicious, fresh snacks.

No matter your market must-haves, this list of 18 best Amsterdam markets will hit the spot.

👗 General markets in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city that rarely rests, and there are a handful of markets with unbeatable variety and availability to capitalise on that shopping bug.

1. The Albert Cuyp market — Oud-Zuid

This 1905 market in Amsterdam is a local and tourist attraction with a nostalgic feel, with an unmatched range in the street-food arena, hand-made jewellery, and clothing.

Open six days a week with 260 market stalls, this Amsterdam market is conveniently located in the city’s 19th-century neighbourhood De Pijp (a.k.a the Latin Quartier) with its artisan cafés and cosy shops.

The Albert Cuyp Market, which is conveniently serviced by multiple tram lines, is a must-stop for any foodie or an individual craving fresh off-the-pan street food in Amsterdam all year round.

🕒 Opening times: Monday — Saturday
📍 Location: Albert Cuypstraat 1073BD Amsterdam
📁 Type: Fresh meat, organic produce, juices, jewellery, flowers

2. Nieuwmarkt — Old city centre

Feel like a slice of Amsterdam’s history? This square Amsterdam market has been in session since the 17th century! The market is small from Monday to Friday but expands on Saturdays. And there’s even a flea market on Sundays during the summer. 🌞

A food lover’s dream, Nieuwmarkt is crammed with delicious bites like fresh olives, pickles, and gourmet oils. This city market, surrounded by cafés, restaurants, and coffeeshops, gives you the opportunity to snag yourself some produce for a healthy dinner recipe.

Plus, the market’s location is super convenient: it’s an easy pitstop when checking out the city, especially if you’re on your way to or out of the Red Light District or Amsterdam’s Chinatown.

🕒 Opening times: Daily stalls from Monday — Friday. Farmer’s market on Saturdays. From May through October, the market is also open on Sundays for antiques.
📍 Location: Nieuwmarkt 1012 CR Amsterdam
📁 Type: Daily items, flowers, organic food, antiques

3. Waterlooplein Flea Market — Centrum

This unique Amsterdam market made it to Tripadvisor’s list of top spots to visit in Amsterdam, given its international and local appeal.

Shopping? It’s more like treasure hunting at this street market in Amsterdam! Image: Txllxt TxllxT/Wikimedia Commons/CC4.0

Here, you can find anything from posters for your walls to vinyl records, as well as old cameras, colourful tapestries, city souvenirs, leather gloves, and woven carpets that keep your hands and feet warm (in that order) during a Dutch winter. 🧣

Waterlooplein Flea Market also has some street food options like flatbreads, patat, salads, and fresh juice in case you’re planning to spend the day digging for treasures and need to refuel.

🕒 Opening times: Monday — Saturday
📍 Location: Waterlooplein 2, 1011 NZ Amsterdam
📁 Type: Vintage and thrift clothing, antiques, collectables

4. Markt Plein 40-45 — Nieuw West

Not only does this market come with an unforgettable name and an impressive range of products, but it’s also a place to remember Dutch history.

@eva1997x Wij halen elk weekend verse groenten en fruit bij markt op plein 40/45. Super lekker en veel goedkoper dan in de supermarkt, echt een aanrader!🤩 #markt #amsterdam #fruit #vegetables #couplegoals #fyp #healty #market ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Best known as a haven to score some cheap deals on vegetables, fruits, and raw seafood all year round, you can also find stalls that sell clothing and street food at snag-worthy prices. 

To mash two potatoes with one stone, Markt Plein 40-45 also happens to be held in a square behind the Vrijheidscarillon (Freedom Carillon), which, to this day, fills the area with beautiful chimes every half hour in commemoration of the fallen during World War II. 🔔

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Seeking even more? Grab a box of fresh kibbeling (battered fish) from this Amsterdam market and head towards the nearby monumental fountain (Vrijheidsfontein) nearby for an excellent walk and view. Just watch out for the seagulls

🕒 Opening times: Tuesday — Saturday
📍 Location: Plein ’40-’45, 1063 KR Amsterdam
📁 Type: General goods and dairy produce

5. Noordermarkt — Jordaan

Dating back to 1616, this square Amsterdam market has a certain whimsey to it. Full of colourful fabrics, signed paintings and prints, glassware, and cheese, you truly don’t know what you’ll come across. 🤩

Jordaan in Amsterdam is in a class of its own with beautiful street markets! Image: Alfvanbeem/Wikimedia Commons/Public domain

Monday’s market can carry a handful of clothing items, plants, food produce, and artisanal wine. Saturdays, however, are more focused on organic food and fresh produce, so keep that in mind as you plan your visit.

And get this: the market is within walking distance from the next market, Lindengracht, and they’re both open on Saturday. You’re welcome!

🕒 Opening times: Saturday and Monday
📍 Location: Noordermarkt , 1015 MV Amsterdam
📁 Type: Antiques, vintage items, dairy products, clothing

6. Lindengracht — Jordaan

Fancy a freshly cooked stroopwafel the size of your face? 🤤 You gotta get to Lindengracht. The range of street food and fresh produce at this location is positively overwhelming, so make sure to come with an empty belly.

Fresh fish, an impressive variety of cheese, and a wide range of daily produce await you in this Amsterdam market to inspire your cooking passion. To top it all off, there are friendly vendors who sell used books, records, and beautiful jewellery.

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During the summer, the stalls of this market face the outer side of the street. However, during colder months, they turn them inwards to combat the wind and cold, so it does get shoulder-to-shoulder crowded — you’ve been warned.

🕒 Opening times: Saturday
📍 Location: Lindengracht 1015 KJ, Amsterdam
📁 Type: Daily items, fresh products, clothing, street food

7. Kraaiennest (Crow’s Nest) Market — Zuidoost

A 26-minute metro ride from Amsterdam Central lies the lively and multicultural Kraaiennest Market, surrounded by greenery and the waterside park of Bijlmerweide.

This market is not one to miss. Image: Pixabay

And trust us, the journey is worth it: you’ll be able to spend hours wandering the market’s 140+ brightly-coloured stalls packed with clothing, footwear, fruit, and fresh fish.  

Not enough for you? Weather permitting, pick some fresh fruit and head over to the nearby lake in Gaasperpark for some relaxing time — or even a sneaky canoe on the lake. 🚣‍♀️

🕒 Opening times: Tuesdays
📍 Location: Kraaiennest, 1104 CD Amsterdam
📁 Type: Food, clothing, fresh fresh, and luggage

🎻 Specialised markets in Amsterdam

Sometimes, you’re looking for something specific. But since we’re talking about a buzzing city, then there’s probably an open-air market in Amsterdam for what you’re searching for, so here are the best ones out there.👇

8. Bloemenmarkt — Centrum

Welcome to the world’s only floating flower market: it’s as colourful as you imagined it, and it’s right here in Amsterdam!

This 1862 gem is right in the UNESCO-listed Canal Ring on the Singel Canal and carries an extensive range of flowers, bulbs, plants, and souvenirs all year round. In fact, you’ll probably bump into it as you wander the streets of Amsterdam!

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We highly recommend chatting with one of the expert sellers to find out the best season for each flower or plant to brighten up your apartment. If you’re just visiting, why not grab some of those classic tulip bulbs to take home as a souvenir? 🌷

🕒 Opening times: Every day, starting at 9 AM. On Sunday, they’re open at 11 AM.
📍 Location: Singel, 1012 DH Amsterdam
📁 Type: Flower, flower seeds and buds, houseplants, souvenirs 

9. Postzegelmarkt — Centrum

Within walking distance from Dam Square, this Amsterdam market jampacked with collectables is held twice per week, offering rare items to any treasure hunter or enthusiast of vintage items from Dutch and international history.

It’s the place to be as a collector! Image: Depositphotos

Postzegelmarkt is the go-to venue to swap, examine, and purchase stamps, coins, and objects of yesteryear. If you’re a collector yourself, or if you’re looking for a unique gift, then this is the place to hit (with tweezers).

But make sure to check the weather before making any plans to visit the Postzegelmarkt! Given the valuable merchandise stocked within albums and old boxes at the stalls, many sellers pack up and head home to protect their goods at the slightest hint of rain.

🕒 Opening times: Wednesday and Saturday
📍 Location: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 280, 1012 RL, Amsterdam
📁 Type: Stamps, coins, postcards, and collectables

10. Art Plein Spui Market — Centrum

If you’re a proud bookworm or looking for some original prints and art pieces (or maybe both), look no further — Art Plein Spui Market in Amsterdam is calling your name.

The market itself offers paintings and artworks by 25 local artists, making it the perfect location to pick up a stunning watercolour of the Amsterdam canals to take home as a souvenir. 🎨

The Art Plein Spui Market in Amsterdam offers original artwork and a chat with the artist! Image: Depositphotos

By purchasing artwork from this market, not only do you buy and support the artists directly, but you can also strike up a conversation with the artist behind the work! 

Since location is everything, while you’re there, you’ll soon realize that the market is surrounded by bookshops and, within a few steps from Amsterdam’s Begijnhof, a historical backyard with breathtaking views.

🕒 Opening times: Sundays
📍 Location: Spui 20HS, 1012 XA Amsterdam
📁 Type: Artwork, paintings, and prints

11. Westerstraat market — Jordaan

Located on one of the biggest streets in the area, this morning market in Amsterdam offers a variety of fabrics for all your nifty projects, such as curtain cloth, leather, and patches. 🧵

The market doesn’t require you to have a knack for sewing, either — the 163 vendors also carry a range of quality clothes and shoes.

If you have some free time on a Monday, you can plan to visit this market and Noordermarkt on the same day since they’re within walking distance from each other but offer completely different merchandise.

🕒 Opening times: Mondays
📍 Location: Westerstraat 1015 ML, Amsterdam
📁 Type: Fabrics, textile, clothing, and shoes

12. Oudenmanhuispoort — Centrum

One of Amsterdam’s best-kept secrets, the “old man’s house gate”, is a full-on hidden passage with a book market right by the University of Amsterdam since 1601.

The smell of old books in this Amsterdam market is every bookworm’s dream. Image: Txllxt TxllxT/Wikimedia Commons/ CC4.0

Overlooking a hidden garden, the stalls offer a wide range of second-hand books in Dutch and English.

Fun fact: the place is said to have been visited by Vincent Van Gogh back in the day. Remember that slice of history the next time you’re on a book hunt in this Amsterdam market!

🕒 Opening times: Monday — Saturday
📍 Location: Oudemanhuispoort, 1012 CN Amsterdam
📁 Type: Books and prints

13. IJ-Hallen flea market — North

Last but not least, we’re ending our great list with the biggest flea market in Europe: the IJ-Hallen flea market. 🛍️

If you enjoy the thrill of walking through kilometres worth of stalls and eyeing hundreds (if not thousands) of items looking for the perfect piece, then this monthly market in Amsterdam is for you.

There’s no limit on what can be found in this market, and transportation is available. You even get to enjoy a free ferry ride to the NDSM wharf on your way there too! ⛴️

@whodatkiara It is once a month!! #ijhallen #amsterdam #fleamarket #thrifted #fyp #secondhand #sustainablefashion #viral ♬ Hip Hop with impressive piano sound(793766) – Dusty Sky

During the warm months, the Amsterdam market is held outside. However, when the cold hits, they move their activities inside a warehouse. 

Before you grab your shopping bags, you’ll need to purchase a ticket online prior to the day. Ticket prices range between €2.00 to € 9.00 depending on your age and time of visit.

And don’t forget comfortable walking shoes — when we say this Amsterdam market is the biggest flea market in Europe, we aren’t kidding!

🕒 Opening times: On a monthly basis
📍 Location: IJ-Hallen NDSM-Plein 1, 1033 WC Amsterdam-Noord
📁 Type: Furniture, second-hand clothing, food stalls, jewellery

🍎 Fresh produce markets in Amsterdam

No plans for the day, and the fridge is empty? If you’re seeking a grocery shopping trip, we’ve collected some great fresh produce market options too.

14. Dappermarkt — Oost

Widely regarded as the best Amsterdam market, Dappermarkt boasts over 200 stalls brimming with cheese, dried fruits and nuts, and fresh-picked flowers of seasonal ranges from Monday through Saturday. 

Make sure to go with an empty stomach to get the proper Dappermarkt experience! Image: Depositphotos

The aromas and tastes of exotic food choices run by local residents from Turkey, Morocco, and Eastern Europe are irresistible and affordable! We highly recommend trying some Surinamese food here — it’s a speciality.🤤

🕒 Opening times:  Monday — Saturday
📍 Location: Dappermark 1093 BT Amsterdam
📁 Type: Fresh produce, flowers, food items

15. Haarlemmerplein Farmers Market — Central

Rain, hail, or shine (and you get them all in the Netherlands!), this Amsterdam market is here every Wednesday, right in the heart of Amsterdam city.

At Haarlemmerplein, grab your choice of many biologische (organic) produce: from farm eggs, cheese, and fruits to even flower and plant stalls. For the meat-eaters, we highly recommend grabbing a fresh rotisserie chicken for lunch or dinner.

Craving chicken or fish for dinner or a picnic? This market is the place for you. Image: Unsplash

The plaza where the market is held is a walking distance from Westerpark and can be accessed by bus from and to Amsterdam Central — so think of the infinite picnic possibilities in the warmer months. 🧺

🕒 Opening times:  Wednesdays 
📍 Location: Eerste Van Swindenstraat 383, 1093 GA Amsterdam
📁 Type: Fresh products and produce

16. Ten Katemarkt — Oud-West

Variety is this market’s own thing, where you can get anything from socks and cheese to wine and fresh bread — that’s all you need for a gezellige evening, packed into one Amsterdam market.

Craving some roasted nuts, a fresh batch of hummus, or some traditional Brazilian snacks? There’s a stall for that.

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Ten Katenmarkt first opened its doors in 1912, offering various street food options along with fresh daily produce and yummy treats. If you’re hungry, treat yourself to some fresh flatbread and freshly squeezed orange juice.

🕒 Opening times: Monday — Saturday
📍 Location: Ten Katestraat 34 1053 CC Amsterdam
📁 Type: General goods, street food, and fresh produce

17. Bos en Lommerplein Markt — West

Bos en Lommerplein Markt might be a relatively new addition to the Amsterdam market scene but with 35 fresh-faced entrepreneurs (and growing!), it’s already making its mark.

It’s the true Dutch experience. Image: Depositphotos

With stalls that offer fish, cheese, fruit, nuts, and herbs alongside street food favourites like the Vietnamese spring rolls, this market in Amsterdam is a must-visit.

🕒 Opening times: Wednesday and Saturday
📍 Location: Bos en Lommerplantsoen 1055 SC Amsterdam
📁 Type: Fresh produce, street food, and fabric

18. Stadionplein market — Oud-Zuid

A compact neighbourhood market in Amsterdam with loads to offer despite its size, Stadionplein market is only 30 minutes away from the central station by public transport, within a buzzing restaurant area.

We guarantee you’ll find something you’ll like! Image: Depositphotos

A few steps away from Amsterdam’s Olympic Stadium, Schinkeleilanden Park, and within walking distance of Amstel Canal, this city market, with its 50 vendors, has a wide range of stalls, perfect for an afternoon’s perusal.

From freshly picked flowers, fish and cheese stalls, and bakery items (especially if you have a sweet tooth), this compact weekend market, with its old feel, is well worth the stop.

🕒 Opening times: Saturdays
📍 Location: Stadionplein market, Stadionplein 1076 CJ, Amsterdam
📁 Type: Daily items and fresh produce

❓ Markets in Amsterdam: frequently asked questions

What is the best market in Amsterdam?

How many markets are in Amsterdam?

How many markets are in Amsterdam?

What can I do in Amsterdam today?

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Yep, we’ve truly done our homework to present you with our recommendations for the best markets in Amsterdam for whatever item(s) you’re seeking to find. Happy shopping!

Did we miss any of your favourite Amsterdam markets? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in February 2022 and was fully updated in October 2023 for your reading pleasure.

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